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Hypnotist gives girl best orgasm

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This file ends with the listener being made to listener to a Mind Melting training audio as they are milked.

The listener is is forced to use a butt plug if they want to have permission to stroke their cock to orgasm, and if they do not have a butt plug ready they are forced to pretend to masturbate without touching. There is no orgasm command in this file. Milf escort toronto. Happy, Horny, and Hypnotized NSFW This recording deepens the listener's hypnosis fetish and makes them want to be hypnotized every day. But the even the word hypnosis can be a problem, because a lot of guys think hypnosis is frankly a little bit weird.

This is the first photo of a planet being born. Hypnotist gives girl best orgasm. Jones has some amazing ones. How to give her Incredibly vivid, exciting sexual experiences she can have only with YOU! However, can I please touch. Basically every senior goes to the school and all the parents volunteer to do various jobs like dealing black jack, etc. Mindless Masturbation This file is designed to make the listener go into a deep mindless trance when ever they pleasure themselves. Natalie heart nude pics. The listener is given hypnotic suggestions to envision a future version of their self where they have been a Good Girl for a very long time, only edging and not allowing any orgasms.

One girl immediately became super shy and kind of just looked at me coyly with doe eyes, batting her eyelashes and looking away whenever I face her. There were two participants, we sat with our backs facing each other. Deep Mindless Pleasure NSFW This recording can be used as a hands free or hands on orgasm experience and is designed to increase the amount of pleasure the listener feels in trance.

I am really looking forward to the feedback on this MP3. The audio is on the short side so it can be used before listening to another audio or as part of a daily training routine. This recording is a hypnotic fantasy for male listeners where they are seeing me for a hypnotherapy session to help them feel more relaxed.

While I stared at a wall the other participant had to stare at a flashing yellow light. Good Slaves Need Discipline This is a more intense Slave Training file that involves whipping, being drugged, and some choking. The whipping is very intense and it may push some listeners to tears. Now the second part is where the magic happens. In the dungeon I use a dark magic crystal to enthrall the listener's mind making the princess my helpless, mind controlled pawn.

Pleasure suggestions are also given for when the listener is called a Good Girl. There are commands to chant mantras in this file and commands to masturbate. Nude sport porn. You should listen to Toy Hypnosis 7: Through training and repetition, you will probably reach your goals, but if you go into the adventure half-hearted, your rewards might be limited. It is your responsibility to comply with your local laws.

When people see me give women an orgasm on command, while we are both fully clothed and sitting in chairsā€¦ full-body multiple orgasms the continue on live waves of pleasure for minutes longer than should be possibleā€¦ It seems like a sexual super power! In this recording I hypnotize the listener so that they can experience a hypnotic fantasy where I personally discipline them as a Slave. Humans go in and out of trance states daydreaming everyday. This recording does not use dominant language and heavily emphasizes enjoying pleasure for pleasure's sake.

You are permitted two orgasms in this recording.

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Pleasure suggestions are also given for when the listener is called a Good Girl. The most hardcore lesbian sex ever. This recording is an erotic fantasy where the listener encounters a vampire. While the listener strokes their cock they are forced to chant the mantra Helpless, Obedient, Brainwashed over and over again while receiving suggestion to be unable to resist hypnosis.

The recording is hands free and does contain an orgasm command along with encouragement to return to help with future experiments. I was in the audience, really tired, and drinking beer.

Instead the listener is brought out of trance so they can listen to a recording with an orgasm command or continue being teased and denied. Hypnotist gives girl best orgasm. I have something relevant here, if only I could find the old VHS it was on.

Hypnosis for Whole Body Orgasm This recording is designed to give the listener a whole body orgasm and allow them to achieve whole orgasms on their own. The listener is made to strip and then go into a large room filled with women being milked like cows.

This recording does not have a full wake up command and instead gives suggestions for the listener to listen to more erotic hypnosis and to masturbate. This is an experimental erotic hypnosis recording that makes the listener feel more pleasure and obedience in trance on a subconscious level. Helpless Puppet This is the fourth file in the Toy Hypnosis series. This Slave Hypnosis recording is designed for female listeners and guides the listener through a fantasy where they have sex with their Master.

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This custom hypnosis recording is designed for female listeners and is slightly NSFW. Lesbian milf porn com. This file is designed to make the listener go into a deep mindless trance when ever they pleasure themselves. The listener is first hypnotized by a crystal ball and then taken deeper into trance by a golden pocket watch. This recording is a Pet Training hypnosis file that makes the listener enjoy rough oral sex.

This file does not effect your performance though with a partner. Most recent Mic Daily: This recording contains commands to masturbate. The listener is guided on a fantasy where they are taken to my study, made to serve as my footstool and ruin an orgasm as I reprimand them. Finally the ribbon is wrapped around your face and your mind making you completely helpless to my voice.

She is a mature lady who is teaching me how to please her. This is a an intense Slave Hypnosis file that is designed to remove the listeners ability to resist by forcing them to drink a brainwashing elixir that makes it so that my voice controls their subconscious mind. The snake toys with you and pleasures you to orgasm before taking you into a deep sleep. Sexy hulk girl. This file is designed for female listeners but it is mostly gender neutral.

In this recording I hypnotize the listener so that they can experience a hypnotic fantasy where I personally discipline them as a Slave. IQ Reduction Curse NSFW This hypnosis curse file removes some of your intelligence every time you have an orgasm until you become an empty, horny mindless shell. There was another moment where he told me whenever I tried to say my name that I would get this feeling that insects were biting my testicles.

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It does not permanently deny the listener an orgasm but there is no orgasm command in the file. There is not a full wake up command at the end so this file is great for listening to at the start of a longer session. Watch free ebony lesbian porn. Over and over every card in the deck was a 9 of hearts to him. Mindless Toy Intense and Adult This style of recording has been requested for quite awhile and it may not be for everybody.

Factory Reset before listening to this file because concepts introduced there are part of this file. Nri nude videos Just hit the big orange button above and order now. Hypnotist gives girl best orgasm. At the end there is no wake up command and you are told to sleep on my couch in the dressing room.

The listener is taken into a deep trance by me and then placed into a vacbed and teased and toyed with through the latex. During this I turn up the vibrations on the egg forcing the listener to orgasm in front of all the party guests. This erotic hypnosis recording is designed for female listeners who have listened to the Bubbly Bimbo Hypnosis recording. During this my voice describes them training naked as part of a potential routine that they can fantasize about.

This recording is intended for male listener's and will instill a deep involuntary reaction in the listener when they are called a "Good Boy".

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