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The contradictions are hard to reconcile. Lesbian lesbo video. Posted by there are no muslim lesbians, just ask the Iranians November 8, 2: Comments Closed In order to combat spam, we are no longer accepting comments on this post or any post more than 14 days old.

The characterization of Weiner's place in American news as 'stupid' is mine, not the spokesperson's. Is huma abedin lesbian. Posted by Ben November 8, 2: It's all the Right can think of to attack her. On May 18 the group posted that Sandy Rios had made the claim about Hillary that she is a lesbian and "a deviant" after Rios made the assertion on her talk show and discussed it at length.

Maybe she's a cylon. You can enable JavaScript via your browser preference settings. Based on the way he linked to Mail article, however, Drudge apparently detected notes of sexual desire, or maybe jealousy, between Abedin and Clinton:. Subscribe To The Advocate. There is ample evidence that the Republican Party has the corner on the closet-case market.

Illustration by Darrel Rees. Lesbian cartoon sex movies. I DO care that she is a goose-stepping commie. CamdenTiger Member since Aug posts. The lesbian couple is sitting head-to-head on a sofa near the end of the video. I thought muslin chicks all wore that jib-jab thing. Besides, Hillary has at least one, probably two free passes from Bill, and anyway I don't picture him complaining. On May 18 she spoke about Clinton.

Her book, Coming Out of Cancer: Last summer an ad surfaced for a lesbian magazine where one member of the lesbian couple looked surprisingly like Merkel — clearly a purposeful action on the part of the magazine that created quite the Internet buzz.

Illustration by John Ritter. Most Popular on Advocate. Her replacement, right-wing interim president Michel Temer, immediately created a new cabinet with no women and no persons of color — taking the nation back 50 years. Yes, but what concerns me far more is the fact that immediately after she became SoS, the muslim brotherhood began toppling dictatorships in the ME and Africa, thereby opening the floodgates of muslim "immigration" to Europe.

Why is calling powerful women lesbians the worst insult? Posted by Dan Savage November 8, 2: August 29 1: I can't believe that a national politician would ever cheat on their spouse, especially with a member of the same sex.

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November 8, 3: The Drudge Report is sometimes the pulse of the right-wing, and now it's drafting headlines based on the Hillary Clinton lesbian rumor.

Two women that can't control, or even satisfy their men, or just married for Political advancement. It is true that Abedin was raised as a Muslim by two immigrant parents who had emigrated to Kalamazoo, Michigan her father from India and her mother from Pakistan before her family relocated to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where her parents found work as academics.

I'd put a poster of her on the wall of my dorm room, if I had one. Porno milf black. And Clinton and Abedin have navigated these tumultuous years despite their respective marriages to Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner, two male politicians who repeatedly cheated on their wives. The suspicion around female homosocial relationships dates back to the Salem witch trails, when women who spent too much time with other women were literally accused of witchcraft, Feministing reported.

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Come on - this is bush-league stuff, and so fucking preditable. Her replacement, right-wing interim president Michel Temer, immediately created a new cabinet with no women and no persons of color — taking the nation back 50 years. Is huma abedin lesbian. Posted by bill November 8, 3: CamdenTiger Member since Aug posts. It was as true as the birtherism movement about Obama being born in Kenya. Posted by Irena November 8, 5: In Julyfive Republican U. Blueboy, people that haven't researched the Muslim plan and how they intend to accomplish this have no clue how dangerous this is.

Please enter the letters from the image below: Trotter pointed out on Gawker. Brandi cyrus nude. What's so awful about this is that the other women that Hillary has been with will now suffer lower self-esteem.

Shealy told me he had no idea of who was talking up the story—but that the only Democrats with active staffs and organizations in South Carolina were Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Bill Richardson. Posted by Hal November 8, 6: With Roger Stone and Ed Klein firmly in the Trump fold, it seems likely the lesbian rumors about Hillary will continue, either overtly or sotto voce.

Skinny or no, I think Huma's incredible looking. That's ass backwards thinking. Women in power are always accused of being "man-haters" and "ball-breakers" and of course, "bitches. And Europeans have been made complicit through liberalization. It surged in when she first ran for president. Posted by Big Sven November 8, 2: It's a sad commentary on our society that the depth of Hillary's politics of meaning are so misunderstood by her bisexuality that is merely a tool of her femininity in the consistent application of her power.

Huma would win with a gracefully-maneuvered, thin-fingered 'eagle claw" to Coulter's testicles.

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Nude posh totty In July , five Republican U. Say what you want- That woman's hot enough to make this gay boy straight. View author archive email the author Get author RSS feed.
Kathie lee gifford nude photos Posted by infrequent November 8, 5: Women in power are always accused of being "man-haters" and "ball-breakers" and of course, "bitches. I'd be much more worried about a straight woman who wouldn't go a little bi for Huma Abedin.
African naked dance videos It came from the halls of Congress. That she was teaching lesbianism to people in other countries.
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