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Retrieved 14 June Retrieved February 3, Because, Selena is finding herself through this album. Naked grannies with big tits. Also, the price is quite reasonable, but I have seen it rise in the past couple of months.

Until guys start singing lyrics like that, it's anti-feminist. There is nothing wrong with that. I find this so much better than her first fragrance. Selena gomez nude perfume. Become a Fan on Facebook! I don't mind the white bottle on the dresser, but the Salvadore Dali lips are a bit too much for even my inner child.

Views Read Edit View history. I keep getting wafts of feminine fragrance from somewhere, for many hours. I smelled sweet fruits, citrus, lily and sugary vanilla all together from the first second it touched my skin till 4 hours later.

I felt that "Good For You" was a bit of a vulgar song. She's just a greedy, unethical woman, despite being talented. Escort massage belfast. It basically only has two stages. I like those but there are so many already. After that, I can smell a tiny bit of the lily in there, and this part of the perfume reminds me of an aloe scent, a high end sunscreen, or a nice day at the beach. You can smell them all. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But I don't care since the scent is amazing to begin with.

Nothing overpowering yet lasts a long time. Bey isn't revolutionary or innovative. She should be dressing for herself, because she likes it. I get the sweetness and the green scents loud and clear.

Overall, it's not a bad smell, I love melon really, but it's too sweet and linear. Also, it did not give me a headache, which is the other "inoffensive" part.

Call it reductive kidding! I don't know if anyone gets a chocolate note, a white chocolate note, but I do and it follows all the way down to the vanilla base.

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It smells beautiful when I can actually smell it, but is too short lived. Girl sticks camera in pussy. Something so different about it. The composition of the new perfume Vivamore is based on a floral bouquet of elegant calla lily, refreshed with white tea and juicy melon, on a base of soft and sensual Tahitian vanilla subtly sweetened with caramelized sugar.

Drag and drop me to the cart Product is out of stock Choose the product options first. Demi Lovato has the higher Metacritic score. Homme by David Beckham. Which pop star's perfume would you wear on the reg? Far From Home' Set!

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Bey isn't revolutionary or innovative. Very soothing and exotic. Selena gomez nude perfume. This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Selena Gomez Vivamore fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information.

This actually sounds interesting note-wise. Super hot nude boobs. I get the sweetness and the green scents loud and clear. She became a vegan and went to a vegan restaurant wearing a real fur coat.

This opens off with the most fresh delish honeydew scent that you can't think of from your preteen days such as body fantasies or calgon along with white tea.

This web site has no affiliation to, and is not associated or sponsored by any of these trademark owners. I thought I smelled pineapple in this with white flowers, but maybe it was melon Sexy Latina right here! You could call this a fruity floral, but melon with Calla lily is an unusual combination. I smelled sweet fruits, citrus, lily and sugary vanilla all together from the first second it touched my skin till 4 hours later.

Probably because both is aquatic scent. No idea how that works! The melon mixes nicely with the vanilla and sugar and turns very warm on the skin until it slowly fades out. The word that best describes this fragrance for me is "inoffensive. I wore it last night and every time I took a sniff of it, it took me back to my late teens and spending long summer days on the beach near where I live.

I bought it because I loved her first fragrance, and this one just hit's it. Big fake tits porn pics. A little more on the sour than sweet side. Aquatic, ozonic, fresh, sweet, vanilla, yum! She or her team saw that feminism has become popular again and decided to include it in her last album.

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I'm not sure what, but needs another note to balance out the sweetness and give it a little bit of an interesting kick. But I personally love the scent. This actually smells really really good! None of what she does is genuine.

United Kingdom and Ireland. Hot naked chica. Selena gomez nude perfume. Anal milf rough I would love to know the nose behind this, though. The creaminess being from the tea. This reminds me of a modern day estee lauder pleasures. This one, however, stood apart.

The sillage is quite moderate, it stands up well with heat and the longevity is great but after the first four hours it becomes more of a clean bright skin scent.

This is actually very nice. But on my skin, it was super sugary sweet melon overload, and it hasn't really changed at all over the past 5 hours I've been wearing it. I think this will become my signature summer scent. Enormous ebony tits. I don't consider this a scrubber but I won't be adding it to my wardrobe.

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